Newest Hoffman Facilitator – Julia Bodkin

We are proud to introduce and welcome our ‘newest’ Hoffman Facilitator to our network: Julia Bodkin.

julia-bodkinJulia is a Psychotherapist based in Byron Bay, with a rich background of over 20 years of personal and professional experience in different schools of therapy and meditation. She has a degree in Psychotherapy and is professionally trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches including Addiction treatment, Trauma Healing/SE®, Relational Gestalt, Group Therapy, Family Therapy & Family Constellation and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. She has worked in several different countries as a therapist in private practice with individuals, couples and as a group facilitator since 1996 and has worked as an addiction therapist at the Priory Hospital in London. She specialises in the treatment of Addiction, Trauma, Anxiety & Depression.

In Julia’s own words:
“I was looking to find another like-minded team of people to work with. In a sudden ‘light-bulb’ moment on a bush walk with a friend it dawned on me that Hoffman could be something that would be both a challenging and exciting next step for me to train to teach. I participated in the Process here in Australia and even after years of being involved in all kinds of other therapies, it was a profoundly healing week. Given the safety and well thought out structure of the program, I was able to participate whole-heartedly. There are too many benefits to mention here but the most significant result was the shift in how much more accepting I am of myself – just the way I am.

As I started to train it became obvious that Bob Hoffman was a genius to have created such a brilliant Process. It also started to become clear that, as a facilitator of Hoffman, all of my last 25 years of training and experience would be utilised in this work. Hoffman is such a broad and yet thorough process, covering so many aspects of life and incorporating so many tools that my experience in group therapy, meditation, personal inquiry, psychotherapy, trauma therapy, addiction treatment and all of the modalities I have studied come into play at different times throughout the week. There’s even a place for the latent goofy actress in me! Joining the Hoffman team was a great decision. I am so enjoying being part of a professional, experienced and fun organization and to have the opportunity to stretch into a bigger role as a therapist and facilitator.“

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