‘The Retreat’ Level 2 – Further Deepening, Oct. 12 – 15, 2018

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Facilitators – Jutka Freiman and Volker Krohn

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‘The Retreat’ Level 2 Further Deepening
This 3.5 day program builds on the awareness and skills of the Hoffman Process and the Advanced Integration Retreat (‘The Retreat’ Level 1).
In this workshop you will gain:

• Further understanding of the Enneagram system with a particular focus on the impact of instinctual sub-type material.
• We will explore how the sub-types impact each type’s structure in very different ways resulting in 27 discrete types.
• With more personal awareness we achieve more personal freedom to be present to what is true for us
• Finding more emotional and spiritual resilience to take purposeful actions in our lives.
• Deepening our understanding and compassion for self and others.
• Deepening our relationship to essence
• Through this more sophisticated lens we will gain a better understanding of how our type together with our instinctual sub-type influences our inner and outer world.

14 in stock


The program includes:
• Didactic learning
• Experiential processing
• New meditation practises

This workshop supports growth in the intra- and inter-personal domains, including:

• Relationships
• Parenting
• Leadership
• Community building