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Download All MP3 Files

We suggest to download these files to a laptop or desktop first, and import the mp3 files from there into your iPhone, Tablet or Android.


  1. Download the compressed mp3 files to a computer
  2. Double click to extract
  3. Import into iTunes (or equivalent) | File > Add to Library
  4. Set up a new Hoffman playlist
  5. Add your newly imported mp3 to the Hoffman playlist by drag and dropping them
  6. Connect you mobile device to the computer and synchronize the new Hoffman playlist

Play Individual MP3 FILES

3 min Light Meditation

5 min Light Meditation

10 min Centering Meditation

Quadrinity Check

15 min Quadrinity Check

Shaking Meditation

Self-forgiveness Walk

Self-love Walk

I am That I am

Light Journey

Closure part 1

Closure part 2

River of Life with Bob Hoffman

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May 10
- May 17, 2024
Byron Bay NSW
Jun 21
- Jun 28, 2024
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Jul 26
- Aug 2, 2024
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21 Available
Aug 23
- Aug 30, 2024
Byron Bay NSW
22 Available
Sep 27
- Oct 4, 2024
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21 Available
Oct 25
- Nov 1, 2024
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23 Available
Nov 22
- Nov 29, 2024
Byron Bay NSW
23 Available

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