Speak Your Peace Online Graduates Event

Apr 10
- Apr 24, 2024


Do you ever feel frustrated that your voice isn’t heard? Whether it’s with your partner, children, friends, or colleagues, effective communication is the key to making better decisions and building stronger relationships. If you’ve ever felt the need to break through the barriers of miscommunication, this workshop is tailor-made for you.

Course Outline

Over this 3 week course, you will gain skills including:

Break Free from Victim Consciousness: Overcoming old communication styles based on your negative love conditioning.

Creating win-win solutions in your communications with others, facilitating love and respect, and building stronger relationships.

Transform Conflict: From household arguments to global disputes, most conflicts stem from miscommunication. Discover how to dismantle coercive and manipulative language. Understand that how we communicate is as vital as what we say.

Toolbox for Difficult Conversations: Wondering how to address someone ignoring your boundaries or navigating inappropriate behaviour? Gain practical tools to have meaningful conversations, set healthy boundaries that provide clarity and confidence, and earn respect from those around you.

Temperature Control: Learn to lower the temperature in heated situations, creating an environment where everyone can “Speak Their Peace” openly and honestly.

The program format, three sessions and small numbers, also allows for opportunities to absorb and practice new skills and then return for review and individual coaching. You will have opportunities to work on any conversations you may be struggling with.

Event Details

Cancellations and Refunds

Please contact us for more details: admin@hoffmanprocess.com.au

Speak Your Peace Online Graduates Event

- 24/04/2024
Facilitated by Andrew Lee, Volker Krohn