Joy to the World


Although some of us are happy to put Mariah Carry on mute until next Christmas, Joy to the World will be on our repeated playlist for 2024. More than ever, embracing the little moments of joy in our lives daily will be a powerful antidote to our stressors in the new year.

Benefits of Joy:

Recent studies suggest joy can positively impact our performance, health, and lifespan. Joy makes us want to play, expand our curiosity, and connect with others. Creating joyful moments can strengthen social ties, boost your immune system, increase relaxation, and lead a happier and healthier life.

What is Joy?

Although joy is an emotion experienced by many, it can be mistaken for happiness. It’s very easy to confuse the feelings of joy and happiness because they are often experienced simultaneously. Often, happiness is the emotional reaction to what is happening around you, whereas joy is more a state of being. When joyful, we can appreciate moments of happiness within the bigger context of life.

Joy looks different to each person and can be found in everyday situations. Some experience joy by caring for others, making spiritual connections, spending time in nature or through personal empowerment. The Hoffman Process empowers participants to seek and discover what brings them joy.

Why do people struggle to feel and receive Joy?

Due to society’s busy and fast-paced nature, we often are too preoccupied to receive joy. Some people may have a limiting self-belief that they are unworthy of receiving the goodness of their lives. The Hoffman Process assists participants in their ability to receive joy by providing a safe and therapeutic environment for participants to discover and evaluate their patterns and behaviours that prevent them from receiving and experiencing joy.

Although we would love to use the KonMari method in the aspects of our lives that don’t spark joy, e.g. electricity bills and peak hour traffic, the Hoffman Process teaches participants that the world and others will trigger us. However, our reactions to these triggers are 100% our responsibility to regulate. By accepting the obstacles in our lives through kindness and compassion, we can let go of old resentments and victim consciousness, allowing us to embrace joy more readily.

How can we uncover and increase our joy?

Below are suggestions on how you can increase joy in your life. Remember, joy looks different for everyone. Grab a pen and paper and write down five moments throughout the last week that have sparked joy.

  1. Take good care of your body
  2. Practice mindfulness
  3. Cultivate healthy relationships
  4. Play and enjoy life
  5. Choose to grow
  6. Let love in.
  7. Practise gratitude
  8. Be fully present

To find out how the Hoffman Process can spark more joy in your life, please book one of our free one-hour consultations.

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