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Everything is energy & that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want & you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.
Albert Einstein

How often do you let your Spiritual Self out to play? How often do you truly live from this part of you?
Or do you just give lip service to the fact that you have a Spiritual Self and still go about your day being led by your Intellect and Emotions?

Your Spiritual Self lives outside of time, and is already everything you desire to be. That version of you is living FREE of any challenges you are experiencing now, is ALREADY on the other side of any pain, drama, upset, challenge that is currently showing up.

What if you truly believed in the existence of this version of you? How would this call you to be in your everyday moments? Who would you be BE-ing? What would you be DO-ing? How would you be FEEL-ing? The frequencies of the answers to these questions is what will determine what shows up for you, your reality. It will move your from your Left Rd of fear, pushing, striving, efforting, victim, persecutor, rescuer to the Right Rd of co-creation with Existence. You become the Master of your destiny. Your vibration becomes your creation. Your Frequency becomes
your currency.

I remember when I was writing my coaching and mentoring program OWN YOUR EDGE… I knew what I wanted to include in the program, I had the skeleton of that very
clear, had written module 1 and yet I was completely stuck. Yes, I recognised the patterns that had surfaced with a vengence – and recycled – and yet, I every time I sat down to write – still nothing came out.

I would go to bed every night, asking my Guides, praying to my Spiritual Self, show me what to write, help me get clear – talk about trying to solve a problem at the level at which it had been created!! Einstein made this very clear that this is NOT the way to create change.

So one night, I went to bed and instead of asking for help, I said a prayer of gratitude… thank you, thank you, thank you for this opportunity to teach and share what I love and
so believe in. Thank you for the magic that is this program, Thank you for all the amazing souls who come into my life to be awakened and remember who they are. Now please take me to the place in time where module 2 is already done! Show me, show me, show me.

About 2am, I sat bolt upright in bed, got out my journal and wrote and wrote and wrote. the words just poured out of me. I wrote the entire module 2 with so much grace, ease and flow and I went “of course” – this is what my whole program is about, and yet I wasn’t putting into practice what I was teaching!!!

I share this with you because I want to remind you that when you play in the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities and align with your Spiritual Self, ‘magic’ does happen! Yes, I could have continued working my patterns through by journaling, recycling, even therapy and yes, absolutely, it would have made an enormous difference. However, working our issues at the level at which they have been created can become a longer more drawn out exercise.

By stepping out of that level of 3D, working the story, and stepping into a new paradigm (5D) of it already being done, I was able to achieve my end goal with more grace and ease than ever imagined. THIS is the power of your Spiritual Self, your Essence. This is the power of expanding on the question “what would my spiritual Self do?” and truly EMBODYING the highest version of you, in the NOW. This is how you collapse time. this is how you magnetise your destiny to you. No longer are you swimming around in the primordial soup of 3D human story, but you are claiming your birthright to live from your DIVINE Essence,

You are Divinity masquerading as …..(insert YOUR name)….. this lifetime! Re-member that! Your greatness and brilliance is unrivaled. When you feel trapped by the constraints of life’s challenges, know that there is a way forward. Does it mean that life will become easy? Does it mean you don’t have to do the inner work and can just abdicate it to ‘fluffy positive thinking? Hell no!!

Life will still do what it does, challenges will show up, not as problems but as opportunities for you to release the low vibe energetic imprints (patterns) in your field so you can become a divine high vibe transmission of light. We are evolving from Homo Sapien into Homo Luminous – and we all are here on the planet at this point in time to do our part.

Your presence makes THE WORLD of difference
Rock Your Sparkle!
I love you, Kerri xox

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