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One of the most important symbols used in the Hoffman Process is the Quadrinity, coined from the Latin word quadrus, meaning “four” or “four-sided.” Bob Hoffman, founder of the Process, created the Quadrinity model to describe four distinct sides of human beings: Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, and Spiritual. When all aspects work together harmoniously, we feel a sense of fulfillment.

But how do we achieve this?

Read on for more insight into what these four sides mean, how to complete a Quadrinity Check-In, and what to expect when you combine visioning with a check-in.

What does the Quadrinity represent?

Each aspect of self is dependent on the other. As Bob Hoffman wrote of the Quadrinity, “It is the balance of all aspects working together harmoniously that fulfills us as human beings.”

The four aspects of the Quadrinity:

  • Emotional: Hoffman’s Quadrinity begins with the Emotional Self, often referred to as the “Emotional Child.” This aspect recognises that many people haven’t fully matured emotionally and tend to react to external triggers as if they were still children. For instance, road rage can trigger an extreme emotional response, akin to a three- or four-year-old’s reaction when they don’t get their way. This arrested emotional development is frequently rooted in unresolved family issues, fostering a toxic belief of shame within individuals. This belief can make them feel unlovable, worthless, or not good enough.
  • Intellectual: The second part of the Quadrinity is the Intellect, representing our thinking patterns. When the Emotional Child is mired in toxic shame beliefs, the Intellect often assumes the role of the internalised parent voice from our childhood. It can invalidate our emotions, become critical, and reinforce our worst thoughts about ourselves. The interaction between the Emotional Child and the Intellect can lead to a cycle of emotional distress, such as frustration, self-criticism, emotional eating, and feelings of inadequacy.
  • Physical: The third part of the Quadrinity is the Physical Self. It’s crucial to recognize the mind-body connection. When the mind represses emotions, the body often expresses them. This connection has been well-documented, with emotions manifesting in facial expressions and bodily ailments. Gabor Maté, a Hoffman Process graduate, has even written about the emotional underpinnings of certain diseases.
  • Spiritual: The final quadrant of the Hoffman Quadrinity is the Spiritual Self. The Spiritual Self represents our inner wisdom and consciousness. It is always present, yet often overshadowed by the internal conflict between the Emotional Child and the Intellect. In the context of the Hoffman Process, participants work on achieving harmony at the personality level to allow the Spiritual Self to manifest. From this place of presence, we can access our inner wisdom, make decisions aligned with our values, and manage life’s inevitable challenges more effectively.

How to complete a Quadrinity Check-In

A Quadrinity Check-In is a momentary pause in which you reflect on each aspect of the self. It can be performed any time a difficult emotion arises, or at the start of each day.

Follow these steps:

  • Prepare: Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Use your breath to settle into the body and feel a sense of grounding.
  • Physical Self: Notice your physical sensations. Are you holding any tension? Do you feel tired? Alert? Ask your body what it needs from you.
  • Emotional Self: How old is your emotional self today? Does it feel younger than you are today? Ask your Emotional Self what it’s feeling and what it needs from you.
  • Intellectual Self: Notice your intellect’s demeanor. How does it carry itself today? Is it rigid and guarded? Is it relaxed and inviting? Ask your intellect what it’s thinking right now and what it needs from you.
  • Spiritual Self: Call on the wise Spiritual Self within you. Ask for a message. The request can be general or focused on a specific issue in your life.

How to combine visioning with a Quadrinity Check-In  

Visioning is different from goal setting, in which you become attached to specific outcomes. It’s a low-pressure technique that allows you to access your birth-given need for exploration.

To combine visioning with a Quadrinity Check-In, follow these steps:

  • First, complete a Quadrinity Check-In as described above. This allows you to be fully present and relaxed.
  • Close your eyes and pay attention to your breath. If you are holding tension anywhere, try to envision it melting away.
  • Choose an area of your life for which you need guidance and support.
  • Envision what you want for yourself. Fill in as many details as possible. Ask for what your heart truly wants, with no qualifications.
  • Imagine you have accomplished your vision and check in with your heart. Are you satisfied? Delighted? Is there any hesitation or disappointment? Adjust your vision until it includes everything your heart desires.
  • Choose your vision.Say out loud, ‘I choose this vision’. You may want to identify certain qualities out loud.
  • Honestly acknowledge your current reality. Hold the awareness of both your vision and your current reality.Acknowledge the tension resulting from the difference. Know that you can resolve this tension by continuing to hold your vision in consciousness.
  • Write out a description of your visionin first person present tense, as though it exists right now and notice how it feels, knowing your vision has come to fruition.

Performing the Hoffman Quadrinity Check-In daily can help you develop or strengthen emotional literacy and embrace mindfulness, setting the tone for a productive and meaningful day. And it’s just one tool of many that Hoffman Process participants learn during their seven-day journey.

If you haven’t completed the Process yet, view upcoming dates here. If you have completed the Process, learn about our five-day retreat for graduates.

This article was contributed by Erica Garza. Follow @ericadgarza on Instagram.



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